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I research things.

Currently focusing on virtual reality accessibility techniques, in the Waterloo HCI Lab under Dr. Daniel Vogel.

Shared Presence and Collaboration using a Co-Located Humanoid Robot

Johann Wentzel, Daniel J. Rea, James E. Young, Ehud Sharlin. In adjunct proc. Human-Agent Interaction (HRI), ACM. 2015.

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I study things.

Two degrees down, one more in progress.

MMath, Computer Science (in progress)
University of Waterloo

Conducting research into VR/AR interaction under Dr. Daniel Vogel, in the UWaterloo Human-Computer Interactions lab.

Estimated completion date: December 2019

BSc, Computer Science (Hons.)
University of Calgary

Graduating GPA of 3.8/4. Conducted undergraduate research under Dr. Ehud Sharlin, including an ACM publication.

Completed June 2017

BComm, Business Technology Management
University of Calgary

Graduating GPA of 3.8/4. Received Haskayne School of Business Silver Medallion for highest graduating GPA in major.

Completed June 2017

I make things.

I have development experience on iOS, Android, Unity, and web.

Previous employment includes:

Other projects:


A news reader app where users could read and post Canadian stories, for Coril Holdings' Canada 150 celebration.

Technologies used:
iOS, Swift, Android, Java, XCode, Android Studio

Raspberry Pi Breakout
RasPi Breakout

Created Breakout on the Raspberry Pi, entirely in Assembly. Game was controlled by reading a SNES controller's raw input.

Technologies used:

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Created a “solver” program for the game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Defuse the bomb without having to think!

Technologies used:

I design things.

I have experience in UI design, graphic design, and UX design. My design experience includes websites, apps, and games.

Proxemic Dashboard

Designed and prototyped a family message-board where the information shown changes based on how close you're standing.

Technologies used:
C#, XAML, Kinect, Visual Studio, Kinect SDK

Raspberry Pi Breakout
I, Roomba

Created fun and challenging levels for a Flash web game. Clean up the dirt and don't get stuck!

Technologies used:
Unity, C#, Sketch, Balsamiq Mockups, Adobe Illustrator

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Satellite DataVis

Created a representation of the volume of HTTP requests to different aurora magnetoscopes around the world.

Technologies used:
HTML, Javascript, d3.js, Bootstrap

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