Johann Wentzel

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I research things.

I'm doing research in the Waterloo HCI Lab supervised by Dr. Daniel Vogel. My research focuses on interaction techniques for virtual and augmented reality. How can we make VR/AR easier to use? How can we make it more popular? What new applications for it can we find, for gaming or productivity?


Shared Presence and Collaboration using a Co-Located Humanoid Robot.
Johann Wentzel, Daniel J. Rea, James E. Young, Ehud Sharlin. In adjunct proc. Human-Agent Interaction (HRI), ACM. 2015.

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I develop things.

I have development experience on iOS, Android, Unity, and web. Previous projects include VR movement devices, video games, apps, and websites.


An Arduino-powered ankle unit that tracks heel movements for movement in VR.

Technologies used:
Arduino, Unity, SteamVR

Raspberry Pi Breakout
RasPi Breakout

An implementation of the classic game Breakout running on the Raspberry Pi using only Assembly.

Technologies used:

Canada 150 News

A news reader app for Coril Holdings Ltd's Canada Day celebration, for iOS and Android.

Technologies used:
iOS, Swift, Android, Java, Xcode, Android Studio

Previous employment includes:

I design things.

I have experience in UI design, graphic design, and UX design. Previous design experience includes websites, apps, and games.

Proxemic Display
Proxemic Dashboard

A depth-tracking family bulletin board where the information displayed varies based on your distance.

Technologies used:
C#, XAML, Kinect, Visual Studio, Kinect SDK

Satellite DataVis
Satellite DataVis

A representation of the volume of HTTP requests to different aurora magnetoscopes around the world.

Technologies used:
HTML, Javascript, d3.js, Bootstrap


A 2D Unity side-scrolling game. Use magnetic powers to attract and repel your way to the goal! Extra Credits Game Jam 2018.

Technologies used:
Unity, C#, Sketch, Balsamiq Mockups, Adobe Illustrator

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